Touch Bionics shows off new prosthetic hand programmable over Bluetooth

Most people that loose a limb end up with a ridged prosthetic that doesn't allow the person any grip or use of the limb. Losing a hand means a huge change in the lifestyle of the person with things that used to take no thought becoming serious issues such as tying shoes or putting on a belt.

A company in the UK called Touch Bionics has a line of prosthetic limbs that give the user freedom to grip items and live a life closer to what they lived with the natural body part. The company has announced a new prosthetic arm called the i-LIMB Pulse that is a bionic arm and hand.

The device uses patented pulsing technology to allow for a tighter grip on objects like shoe laces and belts making the prosthetic more usable. The pulsing tech adds to the gripping force of the limb and makes it capable of carrying up to 90kg loads. The coolest part is that the user can program the limb via Bluetooth using special software to customize the limbs use for their needs.