Toshiba TG01 unboxing & UI overview [Video]

Less than twenty-four hours ago we were waiting to see the TG01 unveiled (albeit already knowing what was coming); now Orange's latest exclusive is on our desk waiting for its full SlashGear review.  At first glance, this smartphone is a whole heap of superlatives: biggest touchscreen, thinnest Windows Mobile device, first to market with Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon CPU; check out our video unboxing and UI overview after the cutUnboxing video after the cut

The big question is, though: do all of these things push the TG01 past what's potentially its biggest hurdle, the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS?  Toshiba are clear that the TG01 will be readily compatible with WM6.5, but as things stand it's lumbered with an OS that, visually at least, pales when faced with the smartphone competition.

It's too early to say exactly whether they manage it or not, but there's obviously been a lot of work put into making the TG01 distinctive.  In the hand it's a slick, impressive piece of kit, surprisingly slim and lightweight, and the touchscreen – while resistive – certainly isn't as bad as some we've played with.  For now, enjoy the unboxing video below; we'll have the full review very soon. 

Toshiba TG01 unboxing video & UI overview:

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