Toshiba Planning On Bringing Tablets To US And Japan, Other Markets In 2011

CEATEC is still going on in Japan, so announcements are still managing to trickle out of the event. This time around, it's Toshiba's turn to make an announcement about the tablet market, and how the company will be a part of it in the coming months. Despite the fact that the Folio 100 was just unveiled last month, Toshiba wanted to make it known that their present in the tablet market will be felt not only in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (where it's believed the Folio 100 will initially launch, and perhaps remain), but that they will be heading to the United States and Japan by the early months of 2011.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Toshiba engineer Hideo Kasuya said that the tablet devices would indeed be landing in the US and Japan some time in the first part of 2011. He mentioned that other markets would also be supported, but he didn't specify when, or to what capacity. As for the specifications of these tablets, there's nothing known at this point, though it is believed that they will be utilizing Google's mobile Operating System, Android, just like other companies like Samsung or Sharp have done.

Other options could be Microsoft's Windows Embedded Compact 7, which is specifically meant for tablets (and was recently shown off in video form), but the likely choice would be Android, as it is appearing on nearly every tablet out there, and seems to be the main competitive decision for companies trying to stake a claim in the tablet market.

[via The Wall Street Journal]