Toshiba Libretto W100: build good, battery bad, geek-cred off the chart [Video]

Toshiba's Libretto W100 flew off Amazon's shelves when it went on sale earlier this week, with the retailer already confirming that its initial stock is exhausted.  So, how exactly are the first customers liking the dual-touchscreen clamshell?  Jenn over at Pocketables knows her stuff when it comes to ultraportables, and she seems pretty blown away by the W100 – that's despite only 4hrs runtime with the bloated extended battery, laggy screen rotation and an uncertain target market.

With the standard battery, meanwhile, Jenn's getting around two hours of runtime, and the top half of the notebook – which houses the mainboard, SSD and other components – gets toasty warm, too.  Still, the W100 is still her new favorite: that's primarily down to the versatility of the two screens (which can be used to spread a single app across or showing things independently), great build quality and the sheer geek factor.

We're having a hard time getting past the short battery life, but the twin touchscreens of the W100 certainly spark off a certain amount of geek lust.  So far there's no sign of the optional 3G that Toshiba told us would be available back at the W100's launch, but the company has confirmed UK pricing – £765.11 excluding VAT ($1,187) – ahead of UK availability.