Toshiba AC100 dumps Android for Ubuntu 10.10, gets useful

Toshiba's AC100 is certainly an interesting notebook on the face of it: Tegra 2 processor, full QWERTY and plenty of battery life, but the Android OS does mean it's definitely a companion device and not your sole ultraportable.  That could all change, however, now a hack for loading Ubuntu onto the AC100 has been developed; Carrypad pulled together the instructions and files from, and the official Toshiba forums and managed to get his AC100 up and running with Ubuntu 10.10.

It's not quite at everyday-use stage yet; so far the boot hangs at around the point where the photo above was taken.  That means we don't know quite what will run and what won't, or what sort of battery life we can expect.  Still, assuming the process gets polished – and there are people working on it – then this could be a new lease of life for what's otherwise a particularly niche product.