Tony Hawk: RIDE controller getting new Activision game

The Tony Hawk: RIDE controller may be clever, but it sure is expensive; happily those who couldn't help themselves will soon have more gaming options to use it.  During an interview with Develop, Robomodo CEO David Michicich revealed that "We're doing a game with Activision and we're not allowed to talk about it right now".  Although it's unclear what the game itself might be, the nature of the controller does suggest some sort of snowboarding, skating or similar title.

Tony Hawk: RIDE and the skateboard controller went on sale this week, priced at $119.99 in a bundle.  So far it's not possible to pick up the controller alone, but we're guessing that if more titles take advantage of it then it's likely to be made available separately too.

"The board is extremely versatile it has two accelerometers in it so you can get any tilt value, pitch value, roll value. It has four IR sensors, so it can sense distance from the board up to waist-height, so it can tell if people put their foot past it, their hand past it. So, as far as being an input device, there's lots of different gestures and triggers that a game can read from" Patrick Dwyer, lead developer, Tony Hawk: RIDE

Recent job adverts tipped a possible extreme sports title as in development by the studio, which would certainly fit in with the sensor flexibility the 'board controller offers.

[via Joystiq]