Tomy RoBo-Q R/C robots get video review: dinky fun

According to Takara Tomy, their RoBo-Q is the world's smallest remote controlled walking robot.  At just 1.3-inches tall I can well believe that, but I'm far more interested in Akihabara's video review (which you can see after the cut) and the DIY maze they built for the dinky robots to wander around.

Each RoBo-Q robot comes with a remote control; there's a tiny robot-shaped nook for them to be transported in, and when they need charging they nestle up to the power-prongs on the front of the handset.  Alternatively there's an Auto Mode, in which the robots walk on their own and use sensors integrated into each shoulder to detect obstacles and, if you're lucky, avoid them.

According to Akihabara, like most automated robot toys the RoBo-Q isn't perfect.  However it is great fun all the same, and at 4,800 yen ($51 – blame the strong yen!) it doesn't entirely break the bank.