Tomita Technologies sues Nintendo over 3D tech in 3DS console

The number of patent suits that fly around the technology world is staggering. It seems like every day we hear of a new patent infringement suit being filed. The latest patent suit is against Nintendo and the plaintiff in the case is a company I have never heard of called Tomita Technologies. Tomita claims that Nintendo's 3DS is infringing on a patent it holds. The patent in question covers tech for viewing 3D with no glasses.

The suit was filed in a New York courtroom on June 22 and alleges that Nintendo infringes on US patent number 7,417,664. The patent is titled "Stereoscopic Image Picking Up and Display System Based Upon Optical Axes Cross-Point Information." Tomita was granted the patent back in 2008 and so far, Tomita has offered no details on how Nintendo is violating its patent.

Nintendo has also been silent on the suit so far with no indication of what the company is doing. I would imagine that Tomita is seeking licensing fees from Nintendo but that isn't specified at this point. So far, the 3DS has not sold to expectations for Nintendo, though we liked it well enough in our review. I still say it's because the game lineup for the 3DS is not good at this point. I bet once Mario Kart lands for the system it will sell better.

[via Neowin]