Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay at E3: Watch Dogs digital

Chris Burns - Jun 9, 2014
Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay at E3: Watch Dogs digital

The game Tom Clancy’s The Division has suddenly appeared as one of the most “next-gen” looking games in the whole Xbox One universe. What we’re seeing this week is a bit of gameplay from the folks that’ve developed the title, complete with multiplayer (or some extremely realistic single-player) action. Coordination here is a must – just so you don’t get lost in the lovely visuals of the environment.

The action you’re going to see here is far more in-depth than previous looks at the game, particularly in how you’ll be moving in to this new world. This is the future, one in which you’re online at all times, seeing player statistics and floating text around all elements that matter – kind of like Watch Dogs.

This game will play out from a 3rd-person perspective, as always, and will require that you pay far more attention to your surroundings than ever before. This game also takes up the look and feel of several next-gen games with a rather hipster-looking bunch of users.

Have a peek here and stick around the E3 2014 tag portal for more gameplay action all week long. We’re checking in with EA Games and Ubisoft later today, then Sony with PlayStation as well.

UPDATE: As is tradition at E3, it seems, gameplay footage is available completely rendered and ready less than an hour after it’s been played “live.” How about that?

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