Tokyoflash Intoxicated breathalyzer watch makes your wrist judgemental

Chris Davies - Jun 19, 2013
Tokyoflash Intoxicated breathalyzer watch makes your wrist judgemental

Tokyoflash is known for its unusual watches and odd displays that make you feel like you’re drunk trying to decipher them, but the Tokyoflash Intoxicated is the first that actually aims to tell you how inebriated you actually are. The culmination of one of the Japanese firm’s design concept rounds back in 2011, the new timepiece looks initially like just another obtuse time-telling LCD, but pop open the panel on the side and there’s a tube to blow into to test your alcohol levels.

A separate panel to the side of the time side of the display shows blood alcohol levels, and the backlight changes color depending on the result. If it’s green, Tokyoflash says, there’s no alcohol discovered; yellow means somewhere between 0.41- and 0.60-percent, while red is anything above that.


There’s also a “sobriety game” to test your reflexes, requiring players to hit a button to stop a moving line at a certain point. The closer you get to the target, Tokyoflash says, the less likely you are to be under the influence.

Of course, if your goal is to convince someone that you’re not inebriated, conspicuously blowing into your watch and then thrusting the display at them shouting “see! see!” perhaps isn’t the best way to do it. Tokyoflash is also careful to point out that it’s “designed for entertainment only” and that it can’t “warrant that the results obtained from this breathalyzer will be completely accurate.”

In short, if you get pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence, arguing that your Tokyo Intoxicated told you it was safe won’t hold up. The watch is up for order now, at $99.99 for a temporary period.

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