Tokyoflash breathalyzer watch says "blow here"

Bizarre watch manufacturer Tokyoflash has revealed its latest concept, and it wants to use its cryptic LEDs for good. Coupling the company's usual, distinctive style and a breathalyzer, by blowing into the side of the watch and tapping "Alcohol Test Function" you can check your blood alcohol content.

The display is always-on, with a multicolored backlight triggered by the touch-sensitive lamp button. Those colors – and an on-screen chart – would be used to show just how drunk you are and whether you're safe to drive, operate heavy machinery or text old girlfriends.

There's no indication that Tokyoflash have any intention of actually manufacturing this particular design, though the company has crowd-sourced demand for potential products before so there's always a possibility it could jump from drawing board to wrists if interest is high enough. Still, reading a regular Tokyoflash timepiece is difficult enough as it is: if you're even mildly drunk then you'll probably realize it straight away when all the blinking LEDs blur into one heaving mass.