Today Pokemon GO server status is down: what to do

This morning Pokemon GO began seeing service disruptions in Japan – now the spread has headed toward the United States. Service disruptions have been reported throughout the United States, though this disruption seems to be affecting the East Coast most of all. We're also seeing reports galore coming from pockets of activity in California – though, given that the coast is one of two of the world's most-visited Pokemon spots, that bit isn't the least bit surprising.

Google Login for the United States seems to be down (at critical levels) at the moment, while Google Login for Europe and Asia is green – at OK levels (for now). Pokemon Trainer Club login seems to be doing OK for the United States and Europe, while Pokemon Trainer Club login for Asia is down.

The first thing you're going to want to do is consider your options. Your first option is to stop playing Pokemon GO. You're not going to be able to log in for a while – servers don't return to power in just a few minutes, especially with an outage of this magnitude. You might just want to sit still and stop walking – eggs do not mature when the game is not logged in.

Above you'll see a frantic PokeManiac losing their mind over the idea that they might not be able to catch 'em all today. Nobody is going to be able to catch 'em all today unless they have a magic wand for the servers that are down – and they don't. Everyone is logged out together, all at once.

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