Tobii EyeAsteroids arcade game has no joystick, uses eye control

If you were an old school gamer, I would wager that back in the day you spent many a quarter playing Asteroids at the arcade. A company we have talked about in the past called Tobii has a new game that reminds me of the classic Asteroids game that is called Tobii EyeAsteroids. Tobii has in the past offered up a laptop that can be controlled by the eyes only. It has also shown off a computer accessory called PCEye that adds eye tracking to your monitor.

The new arcade game is a full size stand up cabinet meant for arcades rather than a home. Each of the games is priced at $15,000 and there are only 50 available. Looking at the game there are no controls, everything is controlled using the eyes. The goal is to keep asteroids from hitting the Earth.

Players claim that the lag between the decision to target an asteroid said the came firing on the asteroid is virtually non-existent. The first of the games will be installed in Dave & Buster's Times Square in NYC. It will be there for two weeks and then head to London. It will also be on display at CES.