Tobii outs world's first eye-controlled laptop

Tobii will be showing off the world's first laptop that can be controlled by the user's eyes. The notebook will be seen for the first time in Hanover at CeBIT that kicked off today. The Tobii eye-control technology is inside a Lenovo notebook and is the result of collaboration between Lenovo and Tobii.

The laptop is the first fully functional prototype of the Tobii eye control technology. The tech inside the notebook allows the user to point, scroll, and select things on the computer screen using their eyes. Typically, this sort of control would be done with a mount, track pad, or a touchscreen. Tobii and Lenovo claim that the eye control system is intuitive to use and natural to control.

This sounds like an excellent system for the disabled that can't use their hands or have limited control of their hands. Tobii and Lenovo constructed a first batch of 20 laptops using the tech and each will get ten of the machines to use for testing and demonstration. According to Tobii with the tech on the notebooks all the user has to do is look at a widget to get more detail on it rather than clicking.