TiVo’s new pricing scheme will let you hook up 12 rooms

JC Torres - Sep 10, 2014, 10:50pm CDT
TiVo’s new pricing scheme will let you hook up 12 rooms

Taking advantage of the fact that houses may have more than one room and that people might want to watch TV in some of them, TiVo is announcing a new offer that will accommodate that scenario well. For a monthly service fee of $14.99, TiVo subscribers will be able to string together up to 12 rooms so that they can get access to their recordings anywhere. As long as they’re in the house, of course.

The setup involves at least one TiVo DVR and then multiple TiVo Minis. TiVo isn’t exactly clear on its wording about what other costs are involved but it does not that customers will have to purchase one TiVo DVR, whether that’s the Roamio or the Premiere. Whether the TiVo Minis are already included in the package isn’t exactly clear, though it seems unlikely. After all, the $14.99 fee sounds like it will cover service only.

That said, TiVo does have some good news regarding its Mini. It is now offering the little extension at a flat price of $149.99. That price already includes lifetime service, instead of having to pay for a monthly or lifetime service fee on top of the $99 price tag of the device itself. That said, TiVo’s product page notes that the offer ends January 6, 2015, and there might be a very good reason for that.

Just yesterday, we got a sighting of a new TiVo Mini making its way through the FCC. This new model bears some wireless capability in the form of the low-power shorter-ranged Zigbee standard. It may not be the WiFi connectivity that many probably continue to wish for, but it does suggest that TiVo might have something in store. Although the launch of this new model is still unknown, the practical discount on the current TiVo Mini adds to the feeling that it might be soon, which, in turm, might make some would-be TiVo multi-room or Mini customers a bit hesitant to jump in right now.


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