TiVo gets YouTube in latest 9.4 update

Chris Davies - Jul 17, 2008

TiVo recently began rolling out its Summer (9.4) software update to its PVR subscribers and, while the company initially kept quiet about it, they have included YouTube video playback.  Available to Series 3 and TiVo HD users, the functionality will begin to show up as early as July 18th but it will take 2-3 weeks before all boxes have been updated.

Check out the video of YouTube on TiVo after the cut

The YouTube app for TiVo uses H.264 encoded video, unlike the MPEG-2 TiVo currently renders.  Functionality includes viewing of the Most Recent, Featured, Most Viewed, Top Rated and Top Favorite, as well as search, but users currently log into their YouTube accounts.

Dave Zatz also confirmed that the upcoming CinemaNow movie rentals TiVo is set to offer will be MPEG-2, and as such viewable to Series 2 box owners as well as the more recent, H.264-compatible series. 

[via ZatzNotFunny]

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