TiVo DirecTV PVR delayed until 2010

Chris Davies - May 29, 2009

TiVo have pushed back their DirecTV TiVo DVR plans to early 2010, rather than the second-half of 2009 as originally suggested.  Revealed in the company’s quarterly financial call – in which TiVo confirmed that they had made a net loss of $4.1m in the three month period – no official reason for the delay was given.

However, TiVo execs did confirm that DirecTV had been delivering lower revenues throughout the quarter, and that the company is having to cut back on marketing.  They are also only just finalizing relationships with partners like Comcast, describing the situation as “in a nascent stage”.

Meanwhile the call also revealed that TiVo are developing for the tru2way platform of interactive digital cable services.  However no specific details of how that will interact with TiVo services have been revealed.

“We are working with Comcast to develop a TiVo application that is truly compatible with the tru2way stack, which is somewhat different than the current middleware that we are operating on in the Boston and New England market[…], the fact that Comcast’s R&D activity with us involved upgrading TiVo’s application to their tru2way middleware stack.” Tom Rogers, TiVo

[via Zatz Not Funny]

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