Titanfall launch gameplay trailer analysis

Chris Burns - Mar 4, 2014
Titanfall launch gameplay trailer analysis

The final launch gameplay trailer for Titanfall has been released, and right here and now we’re analyzing what we’re about to play. We’ve had our hands on the Beta for this game, but there we only had access to the basic multiplayer experience. While the whole game will be a sort of multiplayer experience – on or offline – here we’re getting a glimpse of what we’ll be able to do outside of the straight up battling of other humanoids.

This game is rated M in the Untied States for Blood and Gore, Strong Language, and Violence, so things are off to a good start. The trailer you’re about to see shows “in-game footage representative of Xbox One gameplay”, so we’re expecting the final product to look better – not that this looks bad by any means.

The first big sort of shock you’re going to see here is a glimpse of outer space. While we’re still expecting to be playing on Earth the whole time we’re playing the game, and we understand that “Titanfall” represents a dropping of a Titan from above – perhaps high enough to be outside our atmosphere – this scene suggests we could be headed further upward.


Next you’ll see a beast of a machine exploding in a spectacular display. This implies that we may be fighting machines much larger than the Titans we’ve experienced thus far. The fact that we’ve been able to blast down the escape transports at the end of each match supports this theory.


Throughout the trailer you’ll get glimpses of maps we’ve not yet played. This was expected, but the glimpses show how much more giant the maps will be than the multiplayer experience led us to believe. Giant as in upward, not necessarily outward.


Additional effects that we’ve not yet seen in play are shown here and there. One is water – while we’ve gotten the idea of water in the Beta, here we’re seeing that we’re going to be getting much more of a splash.


You’ll see an array of different kinds of Titans in this trailer, several of which we’ve not yet seen in action. The fellow in this screen cap is about to die.


We’ll see the final release of this game on the 11th of March. Be prepared for SlashGear’s full release – and until then, have a dive down our extensive Titanfall tag portal rabbit hole. We’ve got more gameplay and up-close insight than you can wave a massive metal arm at!

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