Titanfall early gameplay: Respawn says “we won’t ban accounts”

Chris Burns - Mar 7, 2014
Titanfall early gameplay: Respawn says “we won’t ban accounts”

We’re ramping up to the official launch day for Titanfall – next Tuesday, the 11th of March, that is – and it’s become apparent that a backdoor has been opened. In response to word that players – through various means – would be banned by Respawn Entertainment (the developers of the game) for playing the game earlier than the 11th, the team has made clear that they’ll do no such thing.

“Thanks for being understanding about no streaming till launch,” Tweets Respawn, “we won’t ban accounts for playing though.” In other words – feel free to play, but if you get anywhere near Twitch, Vimeo, or YouTube before the start bell on the 11th, you may very well face the ban hammer after all. Respawn giveth, and they taketh away.

ABOVE: Titanfall Beta streaming with Twitch.

Those of you wondering how you might get in on the game early – there are several methods, none of which we especially recommend attempting. The first is to find a store willing to sell you Titanfall for Xbox One early. Thus far we’ve not seen nor heard of a store that’s been willing to do this – on the other hand they’ve been more than willing to show off how they’ve got the games sitting in stacks in the backs of their stores.


The other way is to somehow – good luck on this – trick Microsoft’s servers into thinking you’re not part of a region that’s not supposed to be online yet. Good luck with this as well – thus far we’ve only seen this trick work when one part of the world is supposed to be ready to roll already. For now, no region should (technically) be able to get access yet.

Good luck, and remember – waiting makes the root beer grow sweeter. Have a peek at our Titanfall tag portal for more hands-on action and stick around as we bring on our first full review, sooner than later!

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