Tiny Space Cube PC takes up only 2 square inches

Heres another tiny Linux PC that has a little more to it than the USB key PC. It will take up around 2 square inches of space. Wherever will you find room for it?

The Space Cube PC was made by Japanese manufacturer Shimafuji and features a 300MHz processor, 64MB of RAM and 16BMB of flash memory. Don't expect to be doing a lot of intensive work on this little guy, but at least it has all the ports you'll need. It has a USB 1.1 port, a VGA port that allows for resolutions up to 1024 x 768, audio in/out, ethernet and even a serial port.

No word on pricing or availability, though I would venture to guess we won't see it over here in the US any time soon.

Shimafuji's Space Cube PC measures only two-inches [via pclaunches]