Calao announces Linux PC that's the size of a USB key

The great thing about Linux is that it will run on just about any machine, no matter how small or underpowered it may be. A French company is working on a Linux PC that is so small that it fits on a USB key.

The tiny USB-9260 is a whopping 3.3 x 1.4 inches and is based on an Atmel processor clocked at 190MHz. The tiny PC will have 64MB of RAM and 256MB of NAND flash which will store all of the data files. You'll have two USB ports and an Ethernet jack and it even includes a 50-pin expansion interface, no word on just how that will be utilized.

What is fascinating is that this PC has a male USB port. My first instinct is to chuckle, what would you be plugging it into? Calao notes that the USB key SBC can be debugged over USB, so now that just leaves me wondering where the monitor goes.

Linux computer fits in USB key [via linuxdevices]