Time Switch: because deadline denial is an art

When you're facing down an inbox full of press releases and an empty frontpage, the prospect of pausing time sounds like a tempting one.  Artist Ryan Harc can't quite offer mastery over the aging process, but if you're of the opinion that what you haven't seen can't hurt you then his Time Switch may have all the denial you need.

Ostensibly resembling a simple wall-switch, turn the timepiece on and the ghostly red digits swim into focus through the plastic shell.  Feeling overwhelmed by deadlines?  Flick the switch again and the clock disappears.

"Whenever I screw up and the deadline ties me up, I always think. "I wanna stop the time." Of course I know nobody can do that. But instead of stopping the time, at least I might forget about it. That's the starting of the idea. This clock is for people who want to turn the time off for a while. It doesn't show you the time if you turn the switch off. As soon as you turn it on, the projection starts to light up from the back and show the time" Harc Lee

No word on whether you can actually buy the Time Switch, but it shouldn't be too difficult to build one yourself.  Check out more of Ryan's projects on his site.

[via NOTCOT]