Tim Cook WSJ interview videos: Apple Pay, Alibaba

This morning the folks at WSJ have released a few key points in their interview series that took place last night with Tim Cook. The CEO of Apple spoke up about the launch of Apple Pay in several regards. He spoke about the Apple Watch. He even spoke about why the original iPod Classic was discontinued from store chains. Tim Cook also spoke briefly about how Apple may be pairing up with Alibaba to bring about a massive payment collaboration the likes of which have never been seen before.

The entire interview will be released soon – for now, clips and clips. Cook speaks here about Apple Pay – particularly on why several retailer chains have decided to "block" Apple Pay for now. Apple's fitness role is also discussed – watch it expand with the release of the Apple Watch next year.

Above you'll see Tim Cook talking about the start of Apple Pay and expansion. Below you'll see an Alibaba chat. Talking about Jack Ma and Alibaba and how they'll partner in the future – possibly, maybe.

Below is the Fitness and Wellness section of the chat. In terms of "things that you wear" and "things that you know about your body." Right up Apple's alley.

For more information on these chats and the expanded chat, have a peek at the timeline below. We've been watching each of these subjects closely – and obviously will continue to do so through the future as well. Watch SlashGear's Apple Hub for more.