Tim Cook responds to competition talk at D11: "Usage is off the charts"

Today Tim Cook responded to an array of questions from Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, responding first to a question of Apple's current state of business. Noting that in the year between here and last year's interview, Samsung appeared to have "grown stronger", working with an Android app store with "a number that's higher" than Apples – Mossberg even added that Apple's stock was down "significantly." Cook was having none of it, responding to Mossberg's "is Apple in trouble" with a clear "absolutely not."

Speaking up about Apple's place in the market, Cook suggested: "let's zoom out and get perspective. We're a product company, and we think about products. We've sold 85 million iPhones – 42 million iPads. More important than numbers : customers love them [Apple products]. Satisfaction ratings are off the charts – unprecedented – usage is off the charts."

Responding to the notes on how Apple feels with "an unprecedented number of new products" to be proud of, according to Cook, Kara spoke up: "there's still a sense... that there's been an unprecedented downfall of the stock – and you have competent rivals now."

Cook responded in kind: "We have always had competent rivals." Appearing to have expected such a line of questioning, Cook continued, "we've fought against Microsoft, still fight against Microsoft in the PC space. We found against hardware companies that were viewed to be incredible hardware companies, like Dell."

"But we've always suited up and fought. I don't see that different today. ... Our north star is always on making the best products. The best phone, the best tablet, the best PC, the best MP3 player."

SOURCE: All Things D