Tim Cook D10 video released: Steve Jobs, Mac and more

With the countdown to Apple CEO Tim Cook taking the keynote stage at WWDC 2012 in its final few hours, what better way to pass the time than his lengthy appearance at D10 last month. "We're never going to make the most personal computers" Cook said at AllThingsD's event, "but we'll continue making the best."

Cook's enthusiasm isn't limited to the Mac, of course. The CEO also talks about the iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as how those devices acted as gateway to Mac ownership for people who may not previously have considered buying one, particularly in developing markets.

He also talks about secrecy, along with touching on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, whose final Apple keynote was at WWDC 2011. There's a full roundup of Cook's comments here.

"We're going to introduce some great stuff" Cook said with a smile, refusing to be drawn on what Apple has planned for the rest of 2012. The first evidence of that should be revealed in a few hours time, so join us over at the WWDC liveblog at http://live.slashgear.com/ for the news as it breaks!