Tile Ultra Bluetooth tracker adds UWB AR tech for iOS and Android

The first Ultra Wideband Tile Bluetooth tracker will be released in early 2022. The company announced this "Tile Ultra" with support for both Android and iOS devices. The company suggests that they will be the first to offer such a product with compatibility for both Android and iOS at once.

Tile will use UWB tech to allow the Tile app to "see" Tile trackers with augmented reality. You'll be able to hold your phone up and see where the Tile Ultra is in 3D space. If you have a Tile Ultra attached to your keys and your keys were thrown up to the third level of your cupboard, you'll be able to see which shelf they're on, rather than just seeing that they're nearby.

It would appear that the launch timing for this product is set for early 2022 due to availability of compatibility with iOS 15. That software, having been launched here at the tail end of 2021, will give developers the opportunity to use UWB tech with iOS 15 devices, so long as said devices have the ability to process UWB signals.

The Tile Ultra does not yet have a price or an exact release date. It's highly likely Tile will reveal both some time after the start of the new year. It'll be interesting to see if any other companies are able to kick out their own UWB Bluetooth trackers with both iOS and Android compatibility before then.

Tile will also get new versions of each of their hero devices, including the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker. The new Tile Pro will come in white or black with a 1-year battery life (with a replaceable battery) and a Bluetooth range up to 400 feet. This device has the loudest volume speaker of the whole collection.

The new Tile Mate will come in black or white and has a 250ft Bluetooth range. The Mate has a 3-year battery life (with a non-replaceable battery). The same goes for the Slim and the Sticker – both have 3-year non-replaceable batteries, up to 250ft Bluetooth range, and speaker volume that is "louder" than in previous generations.

Each of the new Tile devices have IP67 water resistance, and each are available in black (save the Mate and Pro, which are also available in white). The new Tile Pro will cost you $34.99 – as will the Tile Slim. The Tile Mate will cost you $24.99, and the Tile Sticker will cost you $29.99 USD.