Tile makes it easier to find lost devices with Google Assistant

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 6, 2019, 4:48pm CDT
Tile makes it easier to find lost devices with Google Assistant

Ahead of Apple’s anticipated launch of a new tracking device comes an announcement from Tile, the company that popularized tracking tags: it has updated its Google Assistant integration, enabling users of the assistant to directly find their lost Tile-tagged devices. The feature will be handy for those who are trying to find lost devices at home.

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The update is fairly minor and only relevant to Google Assistant users. Assuming you own a Google Assistant smart speaker, such as one of the new Nest speaker products, you’ll be able able to ask the personal assistant to ring your lost Tile device.

This direct-ring Google Assistant feature enables users to locate their lost device without their phone, which is particularly convenient if they’re looking for a misplaced phone.

According to Tile, this new capability will roll out for Tile and Google Assistant later this year. This news comes only days ahead of the anticipated launch of a new tracking tag device from Apple. The alleged product has leaked multiple times over the past few months.

Based on those leaks, the tracking device may be a small circular puck-like tag that works with Apple’s new Find My app for iOS 13. The device is expected to enable iPhone users to locate their lost items — assuming they’re tagged with the tracking device — and to help other users locate their tagged, lost items.

It’s reasonable to assume that rumors about the upcoming Apple device have Tile nervous, prompting this small Google Assistant update. The company offers a number of trackers, including pro and slim models.

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