Tile is back with a louder Tile, Find My Phone app

Never lose anything again in this age of high tech gadgets and digital convenience. That is both the promise and the mission of Tile who made tiny Bluetooth locators fashionable. After years of a more or less stable presence, Tile is stirring things up again with two new products. The first is a new Tile, promised to be three times louder to make it easier to locate. The second is its new Find My Phone app feature that turns any Tile, any smartphone, or even any browser into a mobile device locator.

Tile's Bluetooth tracker works on a two-way street. Attach the tile to anything, like, say, an oft lost umbrella, and you've got yourself a simple but high tech item finder. Simply use the mobile app to locate your tile, hopefully with the umbrella still attached to it. With the new Tile, that's even easier, since it is promised to be thrice as loud, making it easier to pinpoint your lost object.

But Tile also works to find your the smartphone paired with it. Simply double press on the 'e' letter of the logo and your smartphone will ring. Whether the phone is in silent mode or on vibrate, it will still ring audibly. After all, a vibrating smartphone isn't the easiest thing to find underneath all the clothes or pillows.

What's more, Tile's new app, available for free both for iOS and Android, turns your device into a makeshift Tile. Install the app on different devices and you'll be able to locate and ring them from any other associated device. You can even do that from a web browser if that's all that you have. It's like Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager, except embracing both platforms.

The good news doesn't stop here, especially if you're a T-Mobile subscriber. Enchanted by the carrier's Un-carrier ways, Tile teamed up with T-Mobile to have its tiles sold in more than 3,000 locations across the country. Starting today, you can order the new Tile from Tile's online store, T-Mobile's physical and digital stores, and Amazon.