TigerDirect now accepts bitcoin

There has been a lot of action in the Bitcoin realm recently. Two Las Vegas hotels recently announced that they were accepting payments for food and lodging using bitcoin. Major online retailer Overstock.com also announced that it was accepting bitcoin payments as well for any item on its website. Another major online retailer has now added bitcoin to its payment options.

That major online retailer is TigertDirect. TigerDirect is rather famous for selling all sorts of tech products from gadgets like tablets to computer hardware ranging from SSDs to CPUs. The company announced that it was accepting bitcoin yesterday and is using BitPay as its payment processor.

TigerDirect is BitPay's largest client so far. Bitcoin payments will only be accepted online, if you live in an area with a TigerDirect retail store, you will need standard payment method there. TigerDirect also offered up a tutorial on what bitcoin is.

Naturally, TigerDirect is also selling the hardware people need if they want to start mining bitcoin. The payment processors convert payments made with bitcoin to dollars, meaning the IRS and states will get their share of the virtual loot.

SOURCE: Coindesk