TIDAL free trial for Christmas needs no credit card

There are a bunch of music services out there vying for your monthly subscription, and today, TIDAL announced that it will let you try out its service with no strings attached. TIDAL has always offered a free trial before, but typically, that trial required you to provide a credit card that would then be charged for a monthly subscription if you failed to cancel before the trial was over. Beginning on Monday, December 25, you can try out TIDAL without worrying about forgetting to cancel your service.

Unlike a lot of other streaming services, TIDAL actually offers two different streaming subscriptions. TIDAL's Premium service can be considered the baseline subscription – this will grant you access to "standard sound quality, high definition music videos and expertly curated editorial." TIDAL Premium costs $9.99, which is line with pretty much every other music streaming service out there.

However, for those who take sound quality just a little bit more seriously, there's TIDAL Hi-Fi. This is mostly the same as TIDAL Premium, except a Hi-Fi subscription promises "lossless high Fidelity sound quality." That lossless quality comes with a price, though, as TIDAL Hi-Fi costs $19.99 per month.

This new promotion is the perfect chance to see if TIDAL Hi-Fi is worth that rather high monthly cost. You trial will last 12 days, which should be more than enough to figure out if TIDAL is a service you want to switch to. Like other music streaming services, there are family, student, and military plans for both Premium and Hi-Fi accounts, so you don't have to worry about missing out on those special discounts if you're moving from another streaming service.

This promotion doesn't kick off until Christmas Day, and once it's live, you'll be able to sign up for it until January 5. After that, we imagine TIDAL will continue offering free trials, but you'll probably need to sign up for them using a credit card. TIDAL has also put together an list of exclusives it will be offering during the trial period, which you can check out here.