TI promise 1-Watt MID with super-frugal OMAP 3 CPU

Chris Davies - Sep 16, 2008
TI promise 1-Watt MID with super-frugal OMAP 3 CPU

Texas Instruments are looking to shake up the Mobile Internet Device (MID) segment with a device capable of running the core, display and full connectivity on just 1 Watt of power.  The so-called 1-watt MID is part of a presentation by Seshu Madhavapeddy, General Manager of Mobile Internet Devices at TI, who discusses the company’s OMAP 3 platform and how its low-draw and power saving modes [pdf link] all combine to full-day use with current battery technology.

Check out the presentation video after the cut

Compared to an x86 chipset such as Intel’s Atom, which requires 3 to 5W in a worst-case power consumption, the TI integrated OMAP 3 processor, at 800 MHz, requires just 750mW.  Meanwhile, when the OMAP 3 processor is in deep sleep mode it draws almost no current at all, whereas an x86 based product draws between 80 and 100 mW in power-saving mode.

Combined, that adds up to a TI powered MID that can be used for a full day on a single charge, or alternatively left on standby for a full week without expiring. The company has not given details on when we could expect to see products taking advantage of all these features, but the new Archos PMPs are already using OMAP 3 processors.


[via UMPC Portal]

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