Thrustmaster offers T-Charge Stand Contactless+ NW and T-Charge Quattro+ NW

Thrustmaster is really big in the accessory and controller world for the Wii and other game consoles. The last time we talked about Thrustmaster products it was a new accessory kit for the Wii Fit. Thrustmaster has unveiled a new line of Wii remote charging stands to keep that remotes ready to play at all times.

The T-Charge Stand Contactless + NW is a new contactless charging solution that will charge two Wii remotes and holds the Wii console as well. The only issue I see is that the charging station makes the Wii much fatter and it may be hard to fit the thing in a small space. The charger will recharge your Wii remotes without you having to take the silicone cases off the remotes. The charging station sells for $39.99.

The other charging station is the T-Charge Quattro+ NW and it is a charging solution designed to power up to four Wii remotes at once. The Quattro+ NW is a long and thin charging station so it takes up little space. It gets power from the USB port of the Wii. Thrustmaster is selling the Quattro+ NW charging station for $34.99.