Thrustmaster reveals more Wii accessories for Wii Fit and MotionPlus

I bought a Wii Fit to mess around with when they first came out and realized quickly that you can actually get a work out using a game console. As more and more people starting using the Wii fit to get in shape new accessories starting hitting the market. Thurstmaster has unveiled a new Elite Fitness Pack+ NW for the Wii Fit.

The pack includes a riser to turn the balance board into a step aerobics platform, weights for your wrists, an arm strap for the Wii Remote, and a necklace to hold your MP3 player. A pedometer and a carry bag is also included and the kit sells for $44.99. A smaller kit with just the riser, mat, and pedometer is available for $29.99 with both kits launching this month.

A new Sports Pack+ NW has also been announced that adds the sports accessories to the Wii that are compatible with the MotionPlus accessory. The pack includes a ping-pong paddle, tennis racket, sword, and a golf club. The kit will sell for $34.99 and is set to go on sale at the end of the month.