Three UK gets HSPA+ modem: up to 40% faster [Video]

UK carrier Three has announced its first HSPA+ USB modem, which will be headed to the network on April 7 and, it's claimed, offer 40-percent faster speeds than the existing HSDPA dongles. The Huawei E367 has a rotating USB plug rather than an easy-to-lose cap, and will be available on both pre-pay and a rolling one-month contract.

On pay-as-you-go, the "1GB Ready To Go" package – which, unsurprisingly, includes 1GB of data – will be £69.99; on a rolling one month contract the modem will be £49.99 and then £15.99 per month for 5GB of service (or with no upfront charge and 5GB for £18.03 per month on a 24 month contract). Existing customers will also be able to upgrade their existing Three dongles for a one-off payment of £59.99.