Three things to know about the Lenovo Ideapad 100S Chromebook

Lenovo's Ideapad 100S Chromebook is a version of its Ideapad 100S that runs Google's Chrome OS operating system rather than Windows 10. In many ways, the two laptops are the same, but Chromebooks and Windows PCs have some fundamental differences and so not everything is identical. We recently gave the Chromebook version a quick review, and while you should check it out, we're also back with three primary highlights.

1. It's (mostly) the same as the Windows version

The big difference between the Chromebook and the Windows version is, as you'd expect, that they run different operating systems. There are some small hardware differences, but performance between the two remains fairly steady, and you're not likely to notice any big difference...except, again, the OS it's running.

2. Except that it costs less

If there's any other big difference between the two models, operating system aside, it's the price. While you'll pay a couple hundred for the Windows 10 version, the Chromebook is a little cheaper at $180, making it a touch more appealing for the students and families the laptops are targeted at. That assumes, of course, that Chrome OS is suitable for your needs.

3. As far as Chromebooks go, it's average

There are high end Chromebooks and very poorly made Chromebooks, and the Ideapad 100S is neither of those things. It is perfectly average, which is perfectly fine for most users. The performance is solid, as is the construction, but it isn't going to compete with the Pixel or Dell's Chromebook 13 (not that we'd expect it to at such a low price point).