Three things Apple should have invented already

Apple invented the iPhone. They didn't invent the smartphone, but they did create a company that dominated smartphones. In the same way Apple invented the best way to dominate the smartphone, the following three devices should have been released by and subsequently dominated by Apple. Not that we're not better off now that none of these items came from Apple first – but let's imagine that Apple took the reigns at the start of their rise to prominence.

The title of this article is no mistake. I don't mean for Apple to pretend like they've invented any of the following pieces of equipment. I mean that they should have invented each of these devices – back in time – before anyone else did – or jumped in with the most ideal form of any of these devices before anyone else did.

Above you'll see a modified version of a concept image made by Martin Hajek. You'll see more action from Hajek, too – save the camera.

1. A dedicated VR headset

There's a step between using your smartphone or your PC and using a VR headset. This step is too much for the common consumer. It has to be easier. It has to be as easy to use as an iPhone.

Apple should have been the first to come correct with a simple VR headset. This VR headset would be able to be turned on and slapped on one's face – simply. Easy peasy.

2. A camera... case for the iPhone

Once it was clear that the company wanted to dominate the personal camera market with the iPhone, Apple should have made it clear with a case that made the iPhone feel more like a traditional camera.

The iPhone would have been just as successful as it is now, but Apple could have taken a swipe at the higher-end camera market – visually – before camera sensors reached the point they're at today. A point at which smartphone cameras are better than far more expensive non-smart cameras of years past.

The camera comes from the awkwardly-titled Relonch – who also suggest that the iPhone's camera isn't good enough on its own. My view is that Apple would create a device that enhances the feel of the iPhone while it lets the iPhone do its camera magic on its own.

3. An Android phone

At iOS events, Apple likes to bring up how few Android devices are running the newest version of Google's mobile operating system.

What better way to stick it to every other smartphone manufacturer than to create an Android device that's always up to date with the newest version of Android?

What else should Apple have dominated by now?

What market should Apple attempt to roll into now?