Three Battlefield 3 expansions announced for 2012

This year you're going to be pumped up to the max if your favorite video game is Battlefield 3, not because the game is just awesome in and of itself, but because three new expansions for the game are coming out before this year's end! Each of them are set to bring you a whole new level of pain, their name describing just such a reality: Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game. Will you be able to resist dropping a bit more cash on each new installment?

These expansions will be released weeks apart with the first starting in June of 2012 – we've not yet got pricing details, if there will be any, and beyond that first release date not a whole lot else is set in stone. The details of each expansion's content IS known, on the other hand, and as DICE executive producer Patrick Bach notes with RipTen, they're all going to be awesome:

"Instead of delivering piecemeal map packs, we're giving players a completely new experience with every themed expansion pack to keep the action fresh. Our expansions are designed to excite our large and active fan base while attracting new recruits with gameplay that is dynamic and unpredictable every time." – Bach

The first pack revealed is Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. This expansion will introduce new weapons, assignments, and of course unique dog tags so you can bring your hearty kills back to the base game. This expansion will have infantry-only combat. Frostbite 2 high definition beatdown, and masses of broken bits as you rip apart the landscape in your quest for kills. Next there's Armored Kill, this an expansion made for the second of three releases and made to allow you to drive tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery, and more.

The second expansion also features what DICE is calling the biggest map in Battlefield history. You'll be driving for more time than you ever thought possible while your buddies are driving the opposite direction – fun! Then there's End Game, this final expansion set for a winter release and the details surrounding it are next to none. Gamers galore are hoping for a return of Battlecorder as last seen in Battlefield 2, but noone knows! We'll see you then!

[via Ripten]