Three backtracks on white iPhone 4 listing

Chris Davies - Apr 19, 2011
Three backtracks on white iPhone 4 listing

UK carrier Three has backtracked on its white iPhone 4 listing, which was spotted yesterday promising April 20 2011 delivery of the coveted device. While the carrier’s customer care team told us yesterday that the deal was authentic, Three is now saying that “it’s a hidden page that’s inactive.”

“This page is not live at the moment, it was built at the same time as the iPhone black page so that we have it ready when and should the time come to launch white. For now, it’s a hidden page that’s inactive.”

Apple is rumored to be preparing the white iPhone 4 announcement for April 26, and the Three listing was seen as the carrier jumping the gun on getting its offer out there. The original product code is no longer working, however, and it’s unclear what’s happened to anybody who took advantage of the deal before Three pulled it.

Still, all signs point to an imminent launch of the handset, and were we cynical people we might wonder whether Three were now playing dumb so as to keep Apple on-side. If you got an order in with the carrier before the listing changed, let us know in the comments!

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