Those with nickel allergies could get a rash from cellphones

If you've ever felt a bit itchy after messing with your cellphone or iPod for a while, you might have to face facts that you're a bit allergic to technology. I have a slight nickel allergy, but luckily my ears and hands can handle it. Whereas my neck and wrists will break out in a rash over almost nothing. Well apparently those with a nickel allergy are the ones that need to worry.

Well, not worry so much as have another allergy to add to your list, at least if you break out in a rash or get red bumps on your ear then you'll know what's wrong. Not only that but you have a great excuse to get off the phone when a relative calls that talks way too much.

Dr. Todd Rosengart, Chief Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stony Brook University Medical Hospital and Chief Medical Advisor of MDX Medical states that some people might find themselves a bit sensitive to the metals and minerals used in manufacturing. Nickel is used in cellphone batteries, and after prolonged usage you could experience bumps and rashes as mentioned above.

[via popgadget]