This new Fast & Furious "F9" trailer is as wild as we hoped it would be

Begging the question of just how fast, and just how furious, Vin Diesel can be over the course of his movie career, the new "F9" Fast & Furious 9 trailer has dropped and it's pretty much everything fans could've hoped for. Set to arrive in theaters on June 25, 2021, the ninth installment of the hit franchise was – like other movies – impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and had originally been intended for release last year.

At the time, a long delay seemed unfathomable; since then, of course, the idea of going to a movie theater and sitting next to a couple hundred other people all coughing and shouting has seemed increasingly bizarre. Now, though, with COVID-19 vaccinations well underway, Universal seems confident it can get enough viewers – safely – into theaters again for "F9" to be a hit.

There is, it's fair to say, a return of plenty of the popular themes from the last eight movies. Dramatic car chases, explosions, helicopters, motorcycles, martial arts, gun fights, and more. There's even Helen Mirren – yes, really – and super-powered magnets capable of pushing cars and trucks around.

"The world has a way of changing, and we change too," Diesel's Dom Toretto says. "There are moments that separate us. But we always come back together."

That includes a new addition to the character roster, with John Cena turning up as Dom's younger brother, Jakob. It's clearly not a happy relationship, with Jakob – who happens to be a professional assassin – teaming up with Cipher, played again by Charlize Theron, as the main villains of the piece.

The previous Fast & Furious movies have certainly delivered when it comes to box office takings, and though the series' plots have been all the more madcap – and the stunts unlikely – that has done nothing to dim the appeal among audiences more than willing to suspend disbelief. With movie-goers starved of their theater time over the past 12+ months, meanwhile, the likelihood is that "F9" will make a big debut in late June.