This Madden NFL 16 ad has dancing, dinosaurs, and "Al Pacino"

Today you're going to witness an awe-inspiring video spot for the next Madden football video game. This video bounces off the last super-absurd ad spot for the game, bringing in a couple of headband-wearing muscle masters to answer the call of a madman, who's kidnapped our hero's girlfriend. They've got to train, and train hard. They've got to get so good at the game that they can't lose. It's kind of like Athene the world's greatest paladin, but not quite as dramatic.

The video spot you're about to see has very little to do with football. The video game is all about football, but the ad spot here is all about comedy. Or it's supposed to be about comedy, anyway. Even if you don't giggle you can appreciate the vast amount of cash the creators jammed in to this one 5-minute spot.

You can't possibly watch that video and not think it had at least a little inspiration from the masterpiece known as Kung Fury released earlier this year. Dinosaurs, headbands, pumping up for the big battle – everything.

Last year's commercial had Dave Franco and Kevin Hart. It was glorious. Have a peek at it here. Slaps to the face.

Madden NFL 16, the video game, will be released on Tuesday, the 25th of August, 2015. It'll be out for all the platforms you could ever possibly want to play it on, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and... and that's it.