This is Pokemon Unite's first post-launch new character

Pokemon Unite has been out for a little over a week, and already we're getting the first post-launch character added to the roster. The Pokemon Company and Tencent announced today that Gardevoir will be joining the lineup of Pokemon Unite later this week, bringing its ranged attack capabilities to the table. While we don't know Gardevoir's full kit yet, the announcement trailer for the Pokemon suggests that it'll be pretty strong.

The trailer that The Pokemon Company published to Twitter reveals that Gardevoir will be joining the game tomorrow, July 28th, so there's little time wasted between announcement and launch here. We also get a glimpse at Gardevoir's abilities in that trailer. In a couple of shots, we see Gardevoir stun enemy Pokemon while giving itself a shield that seems to block basic attack damage.

In another shot, Gardevoir uses what appears to be its Unite Move, creating a gravity well that pulls enemy Pokemon toward it before exploding to deal damage. Obviously, we're just describing what these moves look like in the trailer, and we expect more specific information when Gardevoir is added to the game tomorrow.

Pokemon Unite has so far been a surprising foray into the MOBA genre for the Pokemon franchise. While early trailers made Pokemon Unite look like a very barebones take on MOBAs, it turns out that the game is actually a lot of fun. If you're new to MOBAs and you're looking for some tips that can help you succeed in Pokemon Unite, you can check out our guide made specifically for newcomers to the genre.

With Gardevoir's reveal, the big question is when we're going to see Squirtle added to the game as a playable Pokemon. Blastoise features in some of the game's promotional artwork, and Squirtle itself is present in some of the game's tutorials, so its addition to the playable roster has to be coming up pretty fast, right? We'll let you know when the next Pokemon is revealed for Pokemon Unite, but for now, look for Gardevoir to drop tomorrow.