This iPhone 7 "photo" shows a smart connector, new camera, and adjusted antenna

This week we're having a closer look at what the next iPhone could be – considering especially the multiple leaks and tips we've seen over the past several weeks. In this, we're able to see a smartphone that's more powerful, has a better camera, and looks marginally different from the last iPhone Apple released. Can you even imagine? This is nuts! An iPhone 7 with a look and feel that's very similar to the iPhone 6s? Crazy talk!

If this is indeed the next iPhone, something has gone wrong at Apple. It's not that the phone won't do what it's supposed to. It's that there's something fundamentally wrong with the placement of several elements in this device. Let's have a closer look.

On the left you'll see a real iPhone 6s – as rendered by Apple. There you'll see how the camera array placement works within the context of the antenna bands surrounding it. On the iPhone you see in the center, the camera array is lost in space.

Without the obvious gray around the lens, it appears as though the camera itself is a floating black dot, placed where it is due only to necessity. As if Apple said, hey, this is where the camera ended up when we threw the pieces together under the hood, let's just make the casing accommodate. Whatever.

The Apple logo is fine. See how it's equally spaced on top, left, and right from the edge of the device? That allows it to rest in a place that makes good visual sense.

The same is true with the iPhone logo. Sort of.

While the iPhone logo remains in the center, where it should be, the information below the logo has become a bit detached. We can chalk this up to it being a dummy unit – to a point. The FCC information isn't there because it doesn't need to be – it has no electronics inside.

But what remains is a bit of a mess. The spacing has no rhyme or reason.

What does stand to reason is the placement of the smart connector on the device. It's centered and above the edge of the phone's bottom to a reasonable degree. It looks fine there.

We'll just leave alone the fact that it appears that these dots appear to be taken from an iPad Pro that's facing straight on while the rest of this phone is looking up and to the right. No worries! Certainly no Photoshop action going on here!

And about those antenna bands. Haven't we seen those before?

What's this image? Is it another iPhone 7 or iPhone Pro photo from the wild? Not so much. Have a peek at this Meizu phone's first strike and judge for yourself.

VIA: MacRumors