This floating lightbulb just went Peak Wireless Charging

The Flyte Magnus 2.0 is a flying lightbulb that's powered by a wireless charger. This is a solution similar to what's used in wireless smartphone charging, but also employs magnets to allow the powered bulb to float. Obviously this is not a fantastic solution for families with multiple toddlers, but the concept is certainly an excellent experiment in minimalist design.

This device was part of a Kickstarter, was fully funded, and now exists as a device out for purchase on its own. It consists of a block of wood with a wireless charging coil and power cord. A magnetic system between the lightbulb cap and the base allow the bulb to float.

Technical Details:• Lifetime: 50 000 Hours.• Efficiency: 16Lm/W.• Max Brightness: 60 Lumens.• Power Adapter: 15 Volts, US/EU/UK /AU Plug.• Global Voltage Compatible: 100 – 240V• Usage: Indoor Use Only.• Weight of Base: 500 grams / 1.10 Pounds.• Base Dimensions: 126mm x 126mm x 30mm ( 5 in. x 5 in. x 1.2 in.)

The base is made from what the creators suggest is a sustainably-sourced Ash wood. The lightbulb is not your average lightbulb – look closely at the "filament" inside. It's made of 7 LED bulbs, allowing it to function for "about" 50,000 hours. The bulb's shape is a classic "Edison style" and the glass is borosilicate, making it extra resistant to thermal shock. This is the same glass that scientific beakers are often made of.

Individual bulbs can be purchased – if yours ever breaks or you've used it for 50,000 hours. The bulb alone costs $60, while the full setup costs around $350. Or if you'd like the first edition, that's on sale (as of this article's publish time) for around $265, all through Flyte.

Also the above illustration shows how the bulb might be used as an Idea Hat by a dimwit. This illustration comes from Reddit from the infamous user/artist Shi**y_Watercolor. But without the stars – seriously this Reddit user is such an amazing artist.