This Evangelion short looks terribly realistic

This week the folks behind the Evangelion CG short collection have created a masterpiece. We're at that point, apparently, where even small-time productions like what you're about to see are able to be produced with such fantastic flare that they look real. Think about what it looked like when you first saw the young Flynn in TRON, completely made up with computer graphics. Now imagine what we'll see when it comes time to release the next Pacific Rim. Now watch this CG short and be amazed.

This is one of a series of episodes of Evangelion, part of a universe where massive robots exist and the world is at risk. This episode goes by the name "evangelion: Another Impact (Confidential)," and it's the latest and greatest in the series.

This episode was released for the Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition, each being released over the past year.

This newest release was made live earlier today and was made by the team at SOLA Digital Arts. We've reached out to them for additional details on the making of this feature.

Next you'll see the episode called "". As you'll see, this isn't a matter of each episode being made with better and better graphics. It's a choice of style.

Let us know if you're pumped up for the future of CG – especially in the giant robot space. We're excited for the point at which getting in the driver's seat is a reality for Google's Cardboard project. Let's do it!

As Kotaku says, we can't wait for this to be spun off into a full-length movie. Unless it's cost prohibitive, which it probably is.