This Droid Inventor Kit is a Star Wars DIY dream come true

The folks at LittleBits have created a "Droid Inventor Kit" to allow droid-lovers of all ages to make their own R2 unit. Using LittleBits custom-molded R2-unit computer base and a variety of robot parts from LittleBits collection, this kit allows users to assemble, control, and modify a droid to their heart's content. Using the custom Star Wars LittleBits app, users are encouraged to "teach [their] Droid tricks like navigating and obstacle course & defending [their] room."

In the box is a set of pieces that lets this droid do a wide variety of tasks and tricks. Because this is a LittleBits set, wild and wacky customization is encouraged with all sorts of pieces from around the home. This means using cardboard, paper tubes, cups, milk cartons, dish scrubbers, and tape to make droids that've never existed before!

Stickers in the box also allow the user to create R2-D2, an Evil R2 unit, a Fire-toned R2 unit, or a green and pink R2 Unit. And of course, if the user wishes, they can cover all surfaces with whatever materials they like – imagine a glow in the dark R2-D2, or an all-matte-black R2 unit – dark side style. The kit contains 6 Bits, 20 Droid parts, and 3 sticker sheets right out the box.

The app allows the R2 unit to run in Drive Mode, Force Mode, Self-Nav, and a wide variety of other modes. The app also includes 16+ activities and missions "to keep kids playing day after day." Like other LittleBits robots, this one's only silent if you make it silent – the kit includes 20 "authentic" R2 Unit sounds straight from the Star Wars films.

Starting on Force Friday (the 1st of September), this kit will be available at several major outlets. That includes Walmart, the Apple Store, Amazon, and through LittleBits dot com. This kit will cost right around $100 USD.