This app just changed the way I use Android: Notifix

Notifix is an app for Android devices that basically says to Google: "I'm gonna do your job for you." Where some developers say, "oh I'll just do all my customization of Android in this launcher app here," developer balamu96m said, "nay!" This is an app for everybody, and it's almost completely plug-and-play.

The tagline for this app is "No whitelist. No Blacklist. No complex settings. It. Just. Works." And it most certainly seems to do just that. The app needs to be opened once after its been downloaded in order to switch on a couple of permissions – then it works. You might completely forget it exists later that day – until you start to get notifications. All the notifications in the world, like you're always getting, all day long.

Notifix takes the power of TensorFlow to do some radically simple business on your Android device. We first learned about TensorFlow back in November of 2015, and it's not been a part of much big consumer news since then. Developers don't speak about it much because they assume we don't need to know their process. But we do! We want to! Because it's neat!

With the open source machine learning power of TensorFlow, notifications in Android are categorized with quickness and precision. Groups are created: Social, Messages, Primary (app updates), Promotions, and News. Categories collect all of the notifications Android devices spawn, and they're placed in bins like your whole phone is one big Gmail inbox. It's just glorious.

To get this app, you'll need to head over to the Google Play app store. There you'll find the app: "Notifix – Content Aware Notification Management!" This app was developed by Google Play developer "Grenadeguy", aka balamu96m on XDA – accept no substitutions!

You might also want to have a peek at the app scrcpy if you want to change the way your Android device interacts with your desktop or laptop computer. That's a radical piece of software right there.