This Android app can test your phone's water resistance without water

A user on Reddit, going by rayw_reddit, recently posted in the r/Samsung subreddit that they had built a new app to test water resistance for smartphones. The app claims to test the IP67/IP68 water-resistance seals without having to dunk the device in water. The creator says the app was designed to give people confidence that their expensive smartphone is water-resistant.The app can also be used to hold repair shops accountable to ensure that water resistance has been restored after repairs. For those wondering how an app could test water resistance, it works by using the barometer built into the phone. The builder says that two community members at Reddit tested the app and confirmed its methodology is the same that Samsung service technicians use.

There are a few scenarios where the app builder says the creation can be particularly useful. One useful situation could be when a battery replacement is needed. In that situation, the user could run the app before taking it in for repairs to ensure the seals for water resistance are intact. When the device returns from the repair shop, the user can run the app again to see if the water-resistance seals still intact.

If the water resistance is no longer intact, the user can go back to the shop for repairs or a refund. Another potential use scenario is testing a used phone that is supposed to be water-resistant or a new phone with claimed water resistance. Water resistance is a big deal as phones are often exposed to liquids in day-to-day use ranging from spills to getting caught in the rain or splashing water on your device while washing hands. The app can be downloaded on Google Play.