ThinkGeek unveils new Star Wars gear

Earlier this morning I talked a bit about the Star Wars Wampa ice scraper. That is certainly the coolest way to get ice off your windshield during the winter I've ever seen. ThinkGeek also has some other new Star Wars theme gadgets that geeks will appreciate. I think a couple of these might spawn some new memes.

Behold the power of my fully functional tea infuser. Our resident Brit will appreciate the Death Star Tea Infuser that will sell for $19.99 when it comes in stock later this month. The tea infuser is a perfect stainless steel likeness of the Death Star with a little Tie Fighter on a chain so you can dip it into your glass of hot water to make your preferred tea.

One of my favorites is the Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Makers. The kit comes with four light up lightsaber hilts. Two of the hilts look like Luke's saber and two look like Vader's saber hilt. You put whatever liquid you want into the saber molds and then freeze them to make your own popsicles. You can even press a button and make your frosty treats glow. These are expected to be in stock in November for $34.99.

The final product is for the Star Wars geek professionals out there. It's called the Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case. You can pretty much figure out what this is from the name alone. It's able to hold about a dozen business cards depending on how thick the card stock is. It's estimated to be available in one to three weeks at $24.99.