ThinkGeek ships TK-421 iPhone keyboard case

Back in September ThinkGeek unveiled its cool


iPhone case that had a Bluetooth keyboard inside to let you type on your iPhone Blackberry style. If you were intrigued by that case, ThinkGeek is

now shipping

the TK-421.

If you missed this thing the first time around it is a case that has a swivel out Bluetooth keyboard inside that connects via Bluetooth to let you type on any app that the iPhone has. The QWERTY keyboard has clicky keys according to ThinkGeek. The keyboard is kept in the locked position using a magnetic clasp.

You can get the TK-421 in version for the iPhone 4 and for the iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3G will fit the 3GS case, but the 3G lacks support for BT keyboards. If you add this thing to your iPhone, you have no excuse for not telling your supervisor why you aren't at your post. You can order right now for $49.99 for either version.